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Bank Alternatives: Payment Processors for Entrepreneurs & Small and Medium Business (SMB)

April 26, 2015

Bank Alternatives: Payment Processors for Entrepreneurs & Small and Medium Business (SMB). Many Entrepreneurs & Small and Medium Business (SMB) strugle every day for getting paid, becase tradicional bank services are too complex and too slow. Following you can find the best Payment Processors with Virtual Wallet that you can use as simple bank alternatives for transferring money between user accounts and get paid. For example, oDesk (the leader in freelance services) pays to its freelancers via Payoneer. Payoneer provides you with a virtual bank account in Bank Of America for getting paid by any U.S. company.

This Payment Processors provide a Virtual Wallet where you can store your money, and also Mastercard prepaid cards for paying anywhere. The last one (2ClicPay) is an exchanger that provides you interchange money from one payment processor to another payment processor or bank, and also provides you with an offshore bank account!

Click over each image and check which one fits better for your (I recommend working with as many as possible). Spread out the word! Invite your friends to join!