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Choosing the Right Color for Your Brand

April 15, 2014


Choosing the right color for your brand is critical for transmiting who you are, what are your values, and what are the emotions you want to transmit to your Clients.

This practice map of colors represents the feeling associated with each color. As you can see, brand is associated with Trust. For us, the color blue transmits the main value we want to transmit to our readers, members, and associates.

But this is only what we have choosen, probably you have other colors that better transmit what you want your customers to think about you.

For instance, if you sell balance and calm, you can opt for a white and black color. Neutrality is the emotion that transmits grey, white and black.

Another option is to transmit peace, eco-friendlyness, and health. The green option guarantees that you care about the well-being of the earth.

We have previously mention the blue option. Blue transmits stability, security, and trustworthiness. It is an option widely choosen by technology firms.

Purple and pink colors are related to creativity and innovation. It’s telling you that you have made the right choice, the smart choice. It can also be related with the exuberance of youth and thinking outside the box.

Red is a classic color, with excitement as its main emotion. Red means that you are hot and on fire (in the market this is a good thing becouse if you are hot, everyone is buying what you are selling). We can say that it is the color that draws the most attention from customers. It is widely used in advertising.